About us

The Rewise company is a part of the IrgaGroup holding founded in Russia in 1997, which specialises in export of Russian forest produce to the European Union and other countries. Rewise has continually proven to be a reliable and stable supplier to foreign partners.

We believe our strength lies in our ability to negotiate favourable conditions for our client, including payment, delivery and quality of the product. Our services include delivery to the client’s warehouse, customs clearance and flexible payment conditions.

Specialists at IrgaGroup will ensure high quality of the produce, while being flexible to the individual needs of our clients. Upon delivery, we provide all necessary documents and certificates.

Our mission is to continue growing our facilities and increasing quality of our wood. Currently Rewise is focusing on the supply of Siberian larch and Oak limber from Russia to the European Union and other countries.

Protection against any risks associated with working with suppliers outside of the EU
(e.g. losing advance payments)

All inclusive service covers customs clearance and transport of shipment to the client’s warehouse

Guaranteed legal origin
of timber

You buy Russian timber at a lower cost and work with a European company